Covid Booster

Message from Ontario Ministry of Health Starting November 6 at 8 a.m., additional high-risk groups will be eligible to book their COVID-19 booster dose if at least six months have passed since their last dose.…/ontario-expanding-booster…

Flu Shot Clinic

Flu Shot Clinic at the Owen Sound Legion for the patients of the OS Family Health Organization on Thursday, Oct. 28 & Friday Oct 29 for 65+ years old and beginning Mon. Nov 1 for anyone 6+ months of age and older by APPPOINTMENT ONLY. Our online booking system for flu shot appointments is now […]

Eating Disorder Meal Support

If you have an eating disorder or struggle with anxiety during mealtime, we can help. Contact the OSFHT for more info about weekly meal support. Practice skills to manage meal related thoughts, emotions and physical feelings…or talk about puppies. Whichever! Offered Weekly! For more info or to register please call: Program Receptions at 519-470-3030 ext […]

Heart Healthy Eating

If you are worried about your heart health, or want to prevent or manage heart disease, join us for this FREE workshop! Led by a registered dietitian, you will learn about the Mediterranean diet with a focus on foods to help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and lower your risk of heart attack and […]

Woman’s Health Clinic

Saturday October 23, 20219 am – 3 pm, In-person appointments with a NursePAP appointments for Woman ages 21-70*Must be a patient of the OSFHTBook Online or by calling 519-470-3030

Last for now ;)

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